Cool Ways To Be A Better Doggy Parent With Home Automation

When most people think of home automation, they think of pushing a button to open their blinds, adjusting their water heater from work, or even checking in on security cameras from their smartphone on vacation. However, home automation doesn't just provide advantages for the family members who walk on two legs; it can completely change life for the four-legged family members as well. Your pooch probably spends more time at home than you do, so of course, he should reap the benefits of whole home automation. Here is a look at a few of coolest ways whole home automation can change how well you care for your pet. 

Use an automated doggy door to to handle nature calls and still keep your home safe. 

Having a doggy door is a respectable way to ensure your dog has a way to get to the backyard when they got to go, but when you're not home, you may not always want your doggy door unlocked. With a doggy door fitted with an automated function, you can control when Fido gets out to do his business. If it's raining at the moment, you can keep the door locked shut from your smart phone. Once the deed is done and the dog makes its way back inside the house, you can just lock the doggy door to keep your home secure.

Communicate with your dog through an audio visual system at his level. 

Imagine sitting at home all day, waiting for your owners to show up, and think about how lonely that could be. Some dogs even suffer from separation anxiety, which can cause them to act out while their owners are away. Set up an audio visual monitor at their eye level in a room where they like to hang out and you can effectively check in on your pup while you are away. An audio visual monitor allows your dog to see you on the monitor and hear your voice through a speaker system. 

Make sure your outdoor dog stays cool in the heat of summer. 

If you have a dog who hangs out in the backyard all day, severe summer heat can be a major worry while you are away at work or out of the house. Install a few automated fans outdoors and you can give your dog a blast of relieving breeze when the temperatures get too hot. For more information, contact a company like Evolution Audio Video.