FAQ About Articulating Borescopes

Are you just starting out as a plumber and can't figure out which type of equipment to purchase? An ideal piece of equipment that every plumber can use for sewer problems is an articulating borescope. The device will not only make the task of diagnosing sewer line problems easier, but might bring your customers more satisfaction. You will find answers to some of the questions that you might have about articulating borescopes in this article.

What Can an Articulating Borescope Do?

There are different models of articulating borescopes, so the functions can vary. The main job of a borescope is to give you a look at the inside of sewer lines. Depending on the model chosen, you will be able to take photos, record video footage, or both. You can also get a live look at the lines by viewing a monitor that is usually located on the joystick. The joystick also allows you to control the borescope while it is in the sewer line.

Will the Equipment Come with a Light?

There will be a light included with your articulating borescope. The light will allow you to see the inside of sewer lines in a more thorough manner when diagnosing problems. The brightness and size of the light will depend on the model of borescope that you choose to buy. Some of the borescopes are actually equipped with lights in which the brightness level can be adjusted.

Can Captured Footage Be Viewed Later?

If you purchase an articulating borescope that is able to record footage, you will be able to view it later on. The equipment will have an area in which a USB cord can be attached. All you will have to do is attach the USB cord to your computer to transfer the footage for viewing. You can then take a closer look at sewer line problems before deciding how repairs should be made, which can help you avoid unnecessarily excavating a customer's landscape.

Is an Articulating Borescope Waterproof?

You don't have to worry about wastewater damaging your articulating borescope as it travels through sewer lines. The parts that are inside of the borescope are design to resist water. For instance, if there is a camera on your equipment, it can safely travel through water and fully function without a problem. Get in touch with a dealer who sells articulating borescopes and invest in one for your business.