Is Your Sales Presentation About You Or About Your Potential Client?

Is your sales pitch or presentation focused on the potential client and their needs? Or is your presentation all about you, your service, or your product? Not making your presentation client-centric is one big mistake that can make all the difference. Here are a few ways for you to switch that focus in the right direction. Know the Market Your Prospect Is a Part of Having a solution that can benefit any kind of business is no excuse not to know more about the market your potential client is in.

FAQ About Articulating Borescopes

Are you just starting out as a plumber and can't figure out which type of equipment to purchase? An ideal piece of equipment that every plumber can use for sewer problems is an articulating borescope. The device will not only make the task of diagnosing sewer line problems easier, but might bring your customers more satisfaction. You will find answers to some of the questions that you might have about articulating borescopes in this article.

Cool Ways To Be A Better Doggy Parent With Home Automation

When most people think of home automation, they think of pushing a button to open their blinds, adjusting their water heater from work, or even checking in on security cameras from their smartphone on vacation. However, home automation doesn't just provide advantages for the family members who walk on two legs; it can completely change life for the four-legged family members as well. Your pooch probably spends more time at home than you do, so of course, he should reap the benefits of whole home automation.